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Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India
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Description: This is very beautiful carved sculpture of lord Ganesha, which is remembered at the time of starting any venture in hindu religion.

This beautiful sculpture is made from single pice of wood. There is no joint or fixing in this hand carved figurine.


Kadam Wood


10 Inches
12 Inches


10 Inches - 250 Grams
12 Inches - 400 Grams


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Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India

Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India

Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India

Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India

Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India

Wood Sculpture Lord Ganesha Figureine Hand Work India